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Bayer Construct Zrt. (Plc.)
previously named Bajér Kft. is the fundamental unit of the company. Its main activities are general contracting, complete construction project implementation and civil engineering. www.bayerconstruct.hu »
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The Colas Group is a world leader in transport infrastructure works – including roads, railways and air transport –, urban developments and environmental investments. COLAS-BAYER Zrt. is a general contracting company, active mainly in Hungary, focusing on building construction. Both of the owner companies contribute to Colas-Bayer’s main activity in a unique way. Colas Hungária Zrt. provides its expertise in civil engineering and public utility construction, while Bayer Construct Zrt. grants its professionalism in structural construction works. With their own qualified workforce and extended capacities, the company ensures the successful completion of even the most complex projects. www.colas-bayer.com »
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BARNES Hungary
BARNES Hungary Luxury Homes Kft.
Founded over 20 years ago, today BARNES is a major player in international luxury real estate. BARNES brings its clients global expertise to advise the, on their international real estate investment decisions while offering tailored local support. Located in major international cities, BARNES represents itself in Budapest too.



Viastein Kft.
The second paving stone factory of the company group, Viastein Kft. will start its production in May 2017 in Biharkeresztes, Hungary. Our state-of-the-art production line and varied surface finishing ensure that we can aim premium segments of outdoor pavers. Our target markets are Hungary and Romania. www.viastein.hu »



Lifthold Kft. contributes to the structural engineering projects of the Group with their own Liebeherr tower cranes.



Innoviarent Kft.
Innoviarent Kft. is the fleet managing company of the Group, who possesses a decent fleet of cars and working party transporting buses. They operate with premium-quality Toyota, Mercedes and Opel vehicles.




S.C. Viastein S.R.L.
S.C. Viastein S.R.L. with its headquarters located in Chichiș, Județul Harghita produces paving units, paving borders and hollow/cellular bricks for the Romanian market, using the highest quality automated machinery. www.viastein.ro »



S.C. Viarock S.R.L
S.C. Viarock S.R.L produces gravel and sand for civil engineering companies in Braşov and Covasna counties in Romania. www.viarock.ro »



Bayer Strada
S.C. Bayer Strada S.R.L.
S.C. Bayer Strada S.R.L. was established in Romania, in 2009 with its headquarter located in Cluj-Napoca. The company mainly deals with assignments in mechanical earthworks, complex construction projects, structure construction and general contracting on the whole territory of Romania. www.bayerstrada.ro »


United Arabic Emirates


Baywood FZE
This company was founded in and under the laws of Dubai in 2017. Their main scope of activity is building material trade.
The aim of Baywood FZE is to supply the member companies of the BAYER Group with high quality raw materials purchased from different manufacturers all over the world.




Szigépszerk Kft.
The rebar bending plant of Szigépszerk Kft. commenced production in the year 2017. The manufacturing capacity of the production hall is 3,000 tons/month. Szigépszerk Kft. presently owns a 1,580 sqm wholly covered industrial hall fitted with all important infrastructural amenities, equipment and devices and a bridge crane. The excellent quality is ensured by the most modern Pedax cutting and bending machines.