The headquarters of the company is located in Sóskút Industrial Park, 20 km from Budapest. The site also serves as the strategic center of the company for business management, logistic management, administration and project planning. The company owns a wide range of construction equipment. This set of machinery includes most of the tools required for earthmoving works, i.e.: excavators, loaders, dozers, trucks, etc. The maintenance station, located in the center enables the quick reparation and maintenance of our machines. The company also owns a wide range of small and large machinery, shuttering material, cranes, concrete pumps, scaffolding, wood material, site preparation equipment and material, etc. Reinforced concrete works are carried out with material provided by our own concrete reinforcing bar processing and bending plant to guarantee the shortest deadlines in all cases.
The intellectual and manual workforces are two of the most valuable assets of the company. The stability of the manual staff is the key to the reliability of the company’s work, while the continuous training of people guarantees the highest quality. Bayer Construct’s activities are managed by skilled and experienced experts both in Sóskút center and at our international branches.